Posture Plus Trainer program is a three (3) step process with a total of 5 days face to face training and ongoing virtual support.


A successful program for your clients

Fascia Guru Thomas Myers' quote says it all:

"Change the demand as we do in body work and personal training- and the fascial system responds to that new demand. This common theme points to a future where manual therapy and movement training combines to form a powerful method"

...such as Posture Plus!


About the teacher: Donna

Donna Eddy (BHSc TCM; Grad Dip Psychotherapy; Dip RM; Cert IV Fitness)

Donna is an acupuncturist, massage therapist and movement specialist. She is also certified in Pilates, fitness instructing snd workplace training.

Donna developed the Posture Plus program inspired from her clinical work, ongoing personal therapy and her devotion to reduce aches and pains and boost the wellbeing of her clients


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