We believe people are unique, and so are their aches and pains. That’s why we take the time to really understand the source of your health issues then tailor a programme to suit your needs.

ZenYin the result of your time with Donna Eddy.

Including one or all of the following:

Stretch Therapy  
Practitioner directed therapy as a method of self care; a collaborative part of the therapy session where one learns what and how to move and stretch. Methods based on Kit Laughlin’s Posture & Flexibility. 

Dry Needling
Osteopathic method to remove pain, spasms and restricted movement. Deep needling (pins I call them) for effective relief of long and short term pain.

Myofascial Release
Hands on, deep and slow. True manual therapy. From massage beginnings to sensational joint stretching and full layered tissue release.

Osteopathic Mobilisations  
Gentle and subtle joint mobilisations that are done with the patients assistance. The opposite to Chiropractic Manipulation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and English 5 Element acupuncture are used according to your needs.

Far-infra red Therapy  
The ‘confessions of the body bed’ and the ‘bliss bed’ are the two main names patients call this therapy. Lay down and the bed massages you with healing far-infra red heat pad and rollers.

Massage Therapy
Part of every session and this can be the entire session if one wishes! Deep therapeutic remedial or soft deliciously relaxing Swedish.

Movement Therapy
From Stretch therapy or Pilates to Swinging Kettlebells and Clubs, you name it we can play with it, and check you are doing what you love or want safely and correctly.

Life Perspective Coaching
All sessions are inclusive of life... what you do, can do, cant do, want to do, how to get in to movement habits and salubrious rituals. See ‘Zen by the Sea’ for a full session of this alone.

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