Week 6 of 2019 and the year is unfolding quickly and (for me) as planned.

2018 was a year of ‘head down’ creative work and planning. As a result, ive got new offer, programs and soon in stock products!

2018 saw the start of Industry Presenting for ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) and again this year I’ll be running three workshops for registered members and any physical/ manual therapist ready to break some poor habits and open new understanding about dissolving pain and moving through it in the most effective and efficient ways.

A lovely outcome from the 2018 ATMS workshops aside from the interstate travel, which satisfies the travel bug in me! These workshops and the 2016/17 Anatomology workshops have stimulated a new interest in Posture Plus. THIS I’m very excited about and for the first time this year you’ll see Posture Plus Training workshops. (FINALLY)

Prior to Phoenix Posture Plus had 12-15 classes a week, three venues and four teachers (including myself) and the training for the teachers was more an apprenticeship style. I’m shortcutting this and offering a three part workshop series which will enable small groups to be run after the first two days. By invite and open to Manual Therapists (Massage; Myotherapy; Bowen; Feldenkrais and the like) and this is due to level of anatomy already learnt and embodied by these practitioners.

Those whom have attended Donna Eddy (through ATMS) and Anatomology workshops will receive an invitation and information flier about the workshops this year. Below is the schedule for 2019:

Posture Plus Trainer program:

Sydney 23rd June

Brisbane 21st July

Wagga 22nd Sept

Sydney Nov 10th

Anatomology Workshops are an introduction to Posture Plus and an opportunity to delve deeper in to the stretch side of things from the ATMS workshops. The schedule  for 2019 for Anatomology has been planned to follow on from the ATMS sessions. You gain an understanding of the DAILY 8’s and Anatomology II is a thorough “11Part ROM test and address” workshop.

Anatomology I for 2019 is as follows:

Sydney May 19th

Brisbane 30th June

Sydney/ Newcastle 27th Oct

ATMS hosted workshops are:

Brisbane March 17th

Adelaide April 7th

Newcastle 26th May 

A full year and exciting year ahead. For now bookings by email: donna@donnaeddy.com

Once the website is updated, bookings will be directly through website.

I’ve been teaching Massage at an international college for 18months now. Ended up with Head of Dept role for six months, but thankfully saw the distraction (thus no emails nor blogs in 2018)and handed that back at the end of 2018 so I could focus on all that I had been working on in 2017/18! With my weekly teaching schedule at a comfortable level for life to flow, clinic availability reasonable too, i’m excited to be offering all three workshop options for 2019.

Mostly I’m excited that my first “baby” Posture Plus is seeing the light of day that I’ve always envisioned for it. With our ageing population, the program is ideal for the 55+ age group. IMHO a bracket of the population that all too often gets put in the ‘too hard’ basket. With Posture Plus those whom are injured, have an interesting physical history, or are now on the declining side of life, get to enjoy a program which will help and challenge them simultaneously. The best part for Manual therapists its an opportunity for a new income stream and a break for your hands!

Extend your reach beyond your grasp.

Now that the festive season and New Year is done. Summer is set to wind down with school back in and the Chinese New Year being us, lets get on with 2019!

Posture Plus Seniors TTT call out copy.jpg

Posture Plus

three part teacher training starts 2019…

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