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Salubrious Habits was going to be simply the title of the Blog. And with many comments about the title, ive decided to write weekly posts about living a Salubrious life. Putting together and to "get out there" all the years... two decades actually of learning and testing (eek- i'm getting older!)

So, we'll start from the simple and basic and add depth and complexity as the Monthly posts are shared.

Salubrious Habit one: Daily Movement Practice of course (for those whom know me and my work already).

Morning Mobility - Daily Walking - Evening Elongation - Weekly Variety with Intense Workouts and Recovery Movement sessions and Physical therapy.

Sounds like a lot, but, when you have a habit of DMP, you will automatically want, crave and enjoy variety. Learning to enjoy Intensity is the hardest part, but with online support and detailed explanations of the benefits of various workout types. "The Sensation of Progress" can be something you enjoy, understand and seek out.

So, Salubrious Habit One ~ DAILY MOVEMENT PRACTICE. What is yours? If you don't have a DAILY practice, start with one thing and add from there. Morning Mobility can be as simple as the video here with Posture Plus Online. Video number 2 and/or 3 are great follow along sessions for you to start with.

Walking is key to health and is the easiest activity to add to your day. Don't have time? Park further away from where you need to go; walk past the closest bus stop and get off one stop early; take the stairs; visit a co-worker rather than emailing them; have walking meetings and catch ups rather than sitting at a coffee shop; go for a short walk after your evening meal. Oriental healthy living tips say that 100 steps after a meal helps with digestion and restful sleep.

Plan ahead. If you are not a morning person, plan to do your movement in the evening. Not sure if you are a morning person or not? If you need your coffee before you can think straight, then you are better off moving and training (especially weights and/or intense workouts) at lunch time or at the end of the day. If you can get up as soon as the alarm goes off, then lay out your gear before hand, have the gym (and work) bag packed ready to go, have lunch made or prepped the night before, so all you have to do is wash your face & teeth, throw on your gear and go!

Start with ONE exercise, make that a habit (it is said that it takes 21 days to create a habit!) and after 3 weeks, add exercise number two.... so on and so forth until you have a nice whole body workout! Take both the Osteopathic and Pilates approach, start from the feet and work up. A simple yet effective Foot & Ankle mobility drill I always recommend is found here (it has THE exercise i'm recommending plus some extra useful self mobilising/massage drills too). Use this video daily and then explore more once you've created THE HABIT.

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Feet are your foundations