Hi and Hello… 


I’ve not dropped off the planet!

First quarter of 2018 has passed and its been a few more quarters since the last email/blog/update. I'm here to explain.

So first, apologies and guess what?!!!!

MUCH has happened and even more is happening.

Salubrious Habits on Instagram is growing nicely and the aim is to have “Start A Habit” launch this year, in a variety of forms. More on that further down…

Anatomology is unfolding excitedly with Practitioner workshops starting in 2016, taking me to Griffith, Wagga Wagga, Rockhampton and this year to Tweed Heads, Sydney & Melbourne! The last three were care of ATMS. I simply turned up and spent the day with ATMS Members, the Massage association did the rest. (yay… filling a room is a whole business on its own! Very grateful for the opportunity to present to the ATMS members)

Anatomology treatment sessions (i’ve compartmentalised things a little) will always be and are still running. I simply gave myself a break from admin for 2017 to write the Practitioner workshops and cultivate ZenYin, also launching this year along with a move to a larger living/ clinic space. (Rashna if you were still in Port Point ~ we'd be neighbours)

ZenYin is a complete immersion to provide “Zen from the City” for those wanting an indulgent time out, including an unplug on the Migan bed (which is delicious in itself) and a sensational hands -on session, cleansing tea and Sonic Meditations to heal on many levels.

Posture Plus has had a revival with spectacular excitement from the Practitioner workshops, with DVDs being sold across the Nation again. AND finally with the re-launch of Posture Plus as a seniors program. Posture Plus Train the Trainer is also rolling out this year. First stop Wagga! ("Finally" I can hear Vanessa & Sam say from here)


For those whom know him and will ask…                            


                                                             Phoenix has started school!

He has passed half my height (not hard I know!) and is still as cheeky as he is cute.

We travelled to Ireland in April (his first overseas trip and my first one since 2011) and he both travelled well and is already asking for the next one. (yay to the travel bug being passed on)

My love and joy (apart from Phoenix of course) is Michael. SOME of you have met and for those yet too…                                 check him out in pix here and look forward to meeting him at the Salubrious Sanctuary launch when we move. 

He too offers treatment sessions of his own “Love and Healing Within” and is a powerful healer. Be warned though, you do have to be prepared to be touched deeply and healed spiritually with one of his sessions, as well as allow approximately 2hrs for the initial session!



As mentioned at the start, 

“Start A Habit” is the marketing angle to get Salubrious Habits ‘out there’. I’m currently working on a few options with how it will be presented, that said, it will be a tangible product that will enable you to live intentionally with minimal impact and maximal results. Aimed to edge you towards a Salubrious and harmonious life, re-connecting back to yearly and often unknown Lifecycles.

donnaeddy.com DESPERATELY needs an upgrade and the many FB pages need attention. Now that the first quarter, our April trip and the first few ATMS workshops have come and gone, back to admin I go and a focus on all aspects and presence on the www. 

ALL will be updated with helpful tips, meaningful posts and shared experiences to inspire living with Salubrious Habits, DMP through Posture Plus and youthful “aging” with donnaeddy.com.

As always… Get on the floor DAILY.

Be The Exception.

P.S we (and that means clinic) are moving to Double Bay, 3.5kms from current location and to a larger space with multiple visitor parks! Yay. Details when you book in. : )

Xo De