Posture Plus has been a successful corrective exercise program running since 2001. The current evolution of Posture Plus is a Seniors focused neural rich & balance follow along program.

Age with grace and be the best you can with DMP & the DAILY8 (D8).
D8 & the DMP or Daily Movement Practice are two of the key components of the Posture Plus program. The more you do, the more you can do!

Age & injuries are no issue as all PP trainers are (at a minimum) Massage Therapists with thorough anatomical knowledge. Along with skilled trainers the training program is quite rigorous.



We have many ways in which you can access and enjoy Posture Plus.

Joining PPO (Posture Plus Online) gives you the freedom to do a session/ class at home (or anywhere with a laptop/ device) any time you are free. PLUS (pun intended) you receive constant reminders to nudge you along with your practice. The idea is DAILY your reminders will be weekly and there is a years worth of content (52 videos) to keep you moving, improving and challenging yourself.

You can join a public live class or book your own private session. ALL Posture Plus Trainers are (at least) Massage Therapists, if not Personal Trainers or Physical Therapists.



Donna the creator has been running Posture Plus programs for more than 18years now. The Program is available online with detailed support material and we now run PPTTT (Posture Plus Train The Trainer) so more live sessions can be running nationally and more hands on Therapists can be teaching their clients how to moved maintain the benefits of their therapy work.


FREE - $160.00

Posture Plus online is a home based program where you get the initial 5 physical DVDS (sent to you) and then you follow along with online videos from the comfort of your own home. Weekly reminder emails with educational content are sent, to keep you on track and following new videos each week.



11Parts is a one day program where the body is broken down into it’s 11 main joint complexes and you learn how to test available range; correct/ release restrictions and go home with a full body program to maintain the gains from the one day practice. This is a re-useable test & re-test program to unlock lost ranges of movement and to go back to and re-check how you are progressing or if you are maintaining ideal movement.

Public & practitioners welcome



Becoming a trainer for Posture Plus is a three part process. You attend the initial day of training and then you complete two x 2 day follow up training & teaching days where you are expected to teach to gain ‘sign off’ as a PP trainer. How to get your Posture Plus classes up and running is part of the training too! You are not just left on your own.

For practitioners & vetted PTs


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